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Major Navy wife married to a car accident disabled

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PostPosted: Wed 16:49, 25 May 2011    Post subject: Major Navy wife married to a car accident disabled

Li Shujie walk hand in hand with his wife (Photo provided by himself)
Li Shujie

during escort petite, thin face, modest easy-going, reticent, 35-year-old Li Shujie really When we approached the Navy, major, approached his wife, friends and family, leadership and colleagues, we have seen his unusual - he was a military man, upright. In recent years, he has been involved in many major military exercises and the Olympic security,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], disaster relief, visit formations and other tasks, excellent communication support to complete the work; the first time the Chinese navy to the Gulf of Aden waters off Somalia to escort, he set off with the ship, creating a ocean-going naval vessels to communicate a number of new records.
hero he is a tenderness, love words. Female hands severely disabled comrades in a car accident, he not only taken care of, but also with the promise of marriage to her the courage to live again. 6 years of marriage, his wife's care in every possible way; mother-in hospital and he was serving in the side, a few days and nights did not sleep a wink ... ...

righteous love, Emotion, perseverance perseverance, this is Li Shujie .
□ chief reporter Road Red

force his hometown in Hebei Handan County countryside, close to Anyang. In the eyes of the mother and son from an early age, Home from school to work in the fields, nothing to read and do problems.
1993, the Li Shujie with honors by the PLA University of admission. Classmate at the university, the eyes of his comrades Chang Hong, Military training, he stood Junzi stop for hours.
graduation, Li Shujie was assigned to the naval communications station work. Wang in the eyes of his comrades, comrade Li Shujie also had no attractions. Force was established entrance-he is a physical teacher.
Soon, Wang had retired. The two exchanges and ordinary fellow is no different,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and occasionally make a phone call, only when the parties meet with a comrade. But in June 2000, Wang was injured in a car accident, his hands severely disabled! Wang could not accept this reality.
suddenly one day, Wang said: See the bed with both hands bandaged, his face haggard Wang Hua, and he very shocked. Wang past glitter of the big eyes, now burst into tears.
second Sunday, Li Shujie again, he squeezed a two-hour bus, bought flowers and fruit arrived at the hospital. However, the door closed ward, Wang turn himself in the house. Li Shujie silent in the doorway stood the entire four hours. Into the room, he just gently say one thing:
From then on, as long as rest days, will appear in Wang Li Shujie ward.
pain or illness with the side effects, Wang began to insomnia, hearing loss, hoarseness, skin darkening, who rapidly gain weight, personality has become sensitive and fragile. She often lost his temper for no reason,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], despair and even when she hit the wall with his head Xiangtiao Lou.
but Li Shujie always look calm smile, his own silence and tolerance, but cautious as to take care of the Wang-fat. Each time, he bought some magazines, page by page turning to see Wang; Wang drinking water is not convenient, he bought a straw; Wang like to eat, he put the mango cut into pieces, piece by piece to feed her; see Wang's parents can not be all day at the hospital with bed rest, he took Wang to get out, so her parents have time to rest ... ...

Gradually, the smile he returned to to Wang's face, a dim and special feeling in the hearts of two young men quietly initiation. Introverted Li Shujie heart beat like a lively, straightforward Wang Hua; Wang mind, the diminutive
year later, after multiple surgeries, doctors kept his hands to Wang's ring finger, little finger, which means that Wang may be life-long life can not take care of themselves. At this time, Li Shujie found Wang's parents: Wang's parents do not believe, do not want to drag his Wang is looking for various reasons refused: / p>
Li Shujie chose silence. Family members described a girlfriend, he never went to meet; go to the hospital, he buried review. Xi'an University of Electronic Science and Technology to get graduate admission notice of the day, he found Wang: Wang held a simple and happy wedding. Talk about the past, Li Shujie said he did not think so much, Soon, Li Shujie went to Xian to study, entrusted to the father-in-law will take care of his wife. This year, he took hundreds of phone card, Wang still suffering from depression.
Li Shujie made a surprising decision: he took his wife to go to school! In his insistence, Wang Xian came with him. Large classes of people, he took his wife to the lectures, and still pick up the cup feed her to drink water; go to the library, he borrowed a library card, to let his wife sit around reading; in the restaurant, he often fed Wang ... ... all of this, he did so natural, Wang slowly regained confidence.
At that time, Li Shujie monthly wages less than two thousand dollars, to pay 800 yuan per month to pay rent, the couple live in poverty and hardship but the day is full of warmth. Wang recalled:
the care of hundreds of pairs of gloves

childhood growing up in rural areas, Li Shujie particularly frugal life.
to Li Shujie home, hundreds of the closet, Ms. double gloves, various styles, various colors, have a variety of fabrics, allowing Wang to easily with clothes; shoe in almost all Women's shoes, have a variety of materials, both fashionable and work well ... ... Wang said: p> Li Shujie said Wang disability because of his hands, resulting in inferiority complex, Wang had a rare face self-confidence,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], bought gloves from his wife became his habit. 9 years, Wang has lost count of the number of Li Shujie pairs of gloves bought for himself, , so that I get something. p>

blink of an eye, Li Shujie and Wang has been married for 6 years, and the two lead an easy life flies flat and warm. At home, help his wife Li Shujie hair, wash your face and pulling the lock, the Department of buttons, tie shoes; out, he always holding the hand of Wang; Wang Huasheng disease only from the foot infusion, carrying his wife on the toilet; I heard hot feet help you to sleep, his wife became his feet to his unshakeable homework every night ... ... ordinary days, trivial life, not life and death test, no ups and downs of the waves, but Li Shujie to his wife the same sea affectionate.
Daughter got married, glad for the elderly are more worried about, they are ordinary people, the two combined retirement income is only 3,000 yuan; Wang's weighs degree of disability, and no work, ? the end I did not mind ah.
Li Shujie table before her parents did not have state, According to Gu Wanghua addition to careful, he just would not let the two old men at home, work, grocery shopping, cooking, washing clothes, mopping the floor the whole package. Do not cook, he took it to school; at home, he would wash dishes, chopped in the fridge, a small job to do so for the elderly.
heavens as if to test Li Shujie, July 2006, the family encountered a sad Hom. Of complications from diabetes, Zhu Yumei was taken to the hospital, and finally diagnosed as acute septicemia. The old lady fever for 7 days, unconscious, in critical condition. Father because of sequelae of cerebral thrombosis, cerebellar atrophy mobility; Wang's hands can not work; By this time, Li Shujie from brigade general of the technical staff took leadership positions, mother was in hospital, he was in charge of a new equipment staff training.
coma for 7 days, the old lady woke up to see the first person is Li Shujie. He also calm as usual: Time when the summer heat, the old lady incontinence, he does not care, carefully wiping the body for the elderly, cleaning clothes; looked at his sweating to deliver meals every day, feeding, accompanying every night in the old man, she has are the envy of the old lady had a
rescue several times, transferred three times, two months later, the old lady's body miraculously restored, and Li Shujie lost a big circle. / p>
set out to sea to escort exploits

his wife, relatives and infinite tenderness of the Li Shujie, the battlefield in the territorial waters is a ringing of steel soldier!
2007 年 1 month, Naval Command, Communications Director of Communications Marong Jian ordered transferring cadres, one on the phase of the Li Shujie. Marong Jian said the Navy's requirements for communication technology is very special, heaven's naval aviation, coastal marine ground forces, ships at sea, underwater submarine must be smooth communication. Li Shujie science satellite communications, coupled with an outstanding performance in military exercises, so that Ma Rongjian not hesitate to select him.
Li Shujie soon at work, becoming the business backbone. With the fleet to visit Australia and New Zealand, earthquake relief, Olympic security, has his task almost every major figure ... ...
last December, the first Chinese navy ship to visit the Gulf of Aden waters off Somalia to escort, Li Shujie first entry in the war the Ministry of Communications.
consecutive 124 days of sailing, the soldiers endure high temperature, high humidity,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], high salt environment, water shortages, lack of fresh vegetables, hard life, to endure the monotony of the sea and dry. Li Shujie periodontitis guilty, but he also is home to miss the wife and the elderly. As head of naval communications command groups, guarding his hand on the satellite phone, but his days at sea after the first report of the peace to the family. Just say a few words, he said to Wang said: Somalia to escort the feature film production, he shot 5 hours of video material, you need to return home, everyone thought impossible, Li Shujie to one word: the communications support tasks, but also created a deep sea naval record number of new communications, he was named the
is participating in this convoy, the unit led the home New Year sympathy, only to find the Li Shujie The face of leadership, colleagues, sigh, Li Shujie remained calm. He said that Wang does not want people to know her hand has a disability for his wife to keep a secret,
reporter's notes


to Beijing to interview Li Shujie, the heart has a lot of questions: a wounded comrade was not lovers, why did he insist on marrying her Wife? Such as day care for a few years his beloved wife, he really regrets? Heavy family burden, how can he create so many performance ... ...

saw Li Shujie couple, all relieved. No one will pay attention to Wang's hands, no one would think that Li Shujie tall and handsome enough. A quiet, a cheerful straightforward, their harmonious and loving, considerate and understanding between each other in the hands gently pull phase, silent phase, as the smile that accentuates.
Wang said: , while the mother is put as a pro-girl daughter, because the same rooted branches.
end of the interview, that Li Shujie has been recommended as Currently under renovation ... ...

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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