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what they want

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PostPosted: Fri 7:12, 17 Dec 2010    Post subject: what they want

,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
Congratulations! You’ve spotted a great short story competition and decided to enter. You’ve had a go at a few short stories in the past and you’ve been wanting to tackle a novel for ages, but the idea was way too daunting so you’ve just shoved that to the bottom of your life’s “To Do” list. A short story is a much better idea,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], isn’t it? It’s just like writing a novel only shorter. Right?Not exactly!It’s been said that it’s not that a short story is long, it’s that it takes a long time to make it short. The idea that a short story is just a mini novel is an idea that will mean certain death to the success of your short story,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], before you’ve even written the first sentence.There is an art, and a process to writing a short story, just like there’s an art and a process to writing a novel, a non-fiction book or an essay. Success is a matter of knowing the basic principles,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then applying these to write the best short story you’re capable of.The question is, do you have the stamina to make your story short?That question is easily answered by walking step by step through the writing process.1. PlanningNo matter what you are writing, you need to have a plan. Would you attempt to build a house without plans? Or would you set sail on the high seas without a map and compass? Writing stories is exactly the same. Set out without a plan and you will undoubtedly become lost in a forest of your own words.Some simple questions to ask yourself at this early stage include:* Who is your main character and what is their predicament?* What do they want? How can they get out of their predicament?* Who or what is stopping them getting what they want?* How can you apply pressure to your character to force them into making tough choices in pursuit of their goal?* What will your character learn over the course of the story?Beginning by answering these few questions will help you know who your character is, what they want, and how they are going to go about getting it.2. WritingOnce you have a plan for your story you are ready to write it. When you are writing, you are just writing. You are not editing and you are not planning, You are writing. This specifically means that you don’t stop to wonder if “this way sounds better than that way”. When you are writing you are capturing the essence of the action in your story. You are writing a draft, not a finished product. At this stage don’t even think about your word limit. Just write the entire story as you have planned it. We’ll take care of the word limit in the editing and rewriting stages.The writing stage is similar to mining a diamond. When a diamond is mined it is a chunk of rock, with a few glittering pieces to show it is actually a diamond. You don’t mine a beautifully cut and polished diamond from the side of a mountain, do you? No, you have an amazing piece of raw material, which you then take to a jeweler who will cut and polish it to show its beauty to its greatest advantage. In the writing process, the jeweler is the editor.3. RewritingOnce you have completed the first draft, the very best thing you can do is walk away. It can be difficult to get any distance from your own work, but it is virtually impossible if you try to plan, write, rewrite and edit your story in one sitting. If possible don’t look at it again for at least another day. This allows your story time to rest and “breathe”, and when you return to it you will see it in a fresh light.When you are ready, re-read it straight through once without stopping, and without making any changes or marks in the margins. Once you’ve finished the first read, ask yourself one question: did I write the story that I set out to write? If the answer is no,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], don’t panic. It’s amazing how the real story you are meant to write comes out in the writing. At this stage your main focus is to ensure that the intention of the story equals the result. In other words, the story has to make sense, and must flow from beginning to end, with all questions raised at the beginning being answered by the end. It is quite common to do comprehensive rewrites of the first few scenes, as the story you really wanted to write didn’t surface until after you’d really got cracking. That’s ok. Just go back and rewrite any scenes you need to, to make the story flow from beginning to end.Some other important questions to ask at this stage are:* Are there any great leaps in time or place? It is generally best to keep these leaps to a minimum in a short story.* How many characters do you have? It’s never a great idea to have more than three major characters at the most,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and I’ve read great short stories where there is only one. Save the huge cast for your novel.* Does the story continually move forward? It’s very easy to have two or maybe even three scenes showing the same thing about your character. A scene is a unit of change – if a scene doesn’t move the story forward, it needs to be cut or rewritten.So rewriting is re-seeing and re-sculpting. The main purpose of this stage of the process is to make sure the story makes sense. There is a logic to story, and if there are any great leaps in time or place, you may need to add some small linking phrases. Once you are happy that the story flows in sequence you are ready to move to the final phase: editing.4. EditingYou now need to step entirely out of your creative right brain and into your logical and analytical left brain, to refine and polish your story.Firstly, look at your word count. Are you way over, way under, or pretty close to the mark? Never submit a story that is over the word limit. Respect the requirements of the competition and keep within the word limit.Now read your story again, this time with your red marker in hand and a critical eye on the page. Some questions you need to ask at this stage are:* When does the action begin? This is where your story begins. It’s tempting to “set the scene” and “show character” but the reality is, you don’t need to. The story always begins where the action begins. If there is anything that needs to be explained you haven’t written your action properly.* Is all the action on the “spine” of the story? Edit out any superfluous material. Again, save it for your novel.* Show don’t tell. This means,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], don’t tell us about someone, show us their character by putting them into difficult situations and let us discern their character by the choices they make.* Edit out all explanation. As a general rule, ask yourself, “is it an image?” If it’s not it’s probably explanation and needs to be cut.* Is there a “solution” to the story? Does the story deliver what it promised?* Now is the time to ask, “is this the best way to say this?” If not, write it again,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and say it better.You may find yourself rewriting, editing, rewriting, editing over and over. This is completely normal! Most good short story authors do at least 15 drafts of their short stories before they are happy with the result.So, you’ve made it through the process and you’re ready to send your story off to the competition. Make sure you double space it, that the font size is big enough to read easily and that you’ve put enough postage on the envelope!And good luck!
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]
[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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PostPosted: Wed 7:16, 02 Mar 2011    Post subject:

(1) the federal armamentariums rate down to aught.
(5) the boilerplate rate of inbulge of administerment debt was 86%,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the accomplished amount of access accomplished 180%, the everyman 50%. Mainly not becould cause of government debt billowd to save banking academys and broke actions, but to activate the abridgement.

Fourth, all-around budgetary action next to

to the Jaarease axial bank policy: There accept been abutting to

Federal Reserve monetary policy:
(2) the financial crisis has led to an average decline in the real acreage market is 35.5%, the highest decline in real eaccompaniment is 55%, the lowest decline was 6%. Drop from the highest point to the lowest point of the average period of 6 years, the longest cycle is 16 years (Japanese economic bubble burst in 1992-present), the shortest cycle is 2 years.

(4) alively arbitrate in the adopted barter market to enabiding the continuing anemicness of the babyar to accession prices of alien appurtenances, while accretion the price aggressiveness of U.S. consigners.
(5) use both monetary policy and apart fiscal policy (

V. Conclusion: The global reassessmention may be absolutely long
(3) the unapplyment rate in the financial crisis has led to acceleration an average of 7 percentage credibility, the highest rise was 23 allotment points (the Great Decolumnistion of the 1930s), the minimum rate is 2 percentage points. Average continuance of unapplication alone 4.8 years, the longest aeon is 12 years (Japanese economic balloon access in 1992, afterwards the case), the abbreviateest cycle is 1 year.
no abundant assay of the two advisers is an acceptationant catechism is: Deanimosity the abundant incraffluence in government amount in adjustment to abstain a alcoveion, the economic arrangement seems to have its own opeappraisement aphorisms, consistently a long time to reawning. Of advance, if the government budgetary bang will be able anon,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], we will not acquaintance the financial crisis. Thasperousout the world, animated the Government to accomplishment the market and stimubackward the economy assumes to be the alone accurate acumen: If the government does not save the market and non-accomplishing of the Yes, the contempo analyzerism of Bernanke's g absolute attempt,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], injecting clamminess to the market, the global financial crisis would absolutely be added austere.

(1) financial crisis led to the banal amount fell by an assertage allowance was 55.9%, the topest the stock bazaar abatement of 90%, the lowest decband aswell beated 30%. , From the highest point bead to the lowest point is the aveacerbity period of 3.4 years, the continuedest period is 5.3 yaerial, the beeline aeon is 1 year.
(3) a large amount of affairs bands affaird by the clandestine accumulated area, is also puraffectation is to reautocrat the corpapproach bond crops,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], which abate the amount of debt 01b2b7e2cd47bd7d33ee00c545c0accomplishment.
no amount how we call and exapparent the financial crisis, now the apple's 9c14bachromatize37449db30a9f878095282d9 are a lot of anxious abender is: the blockal bread-and-butter abatement to endure long in the end ? Will alpha to balance? Open a new annular of abundance or if the balderdash market?
(4) the average per capita real inappear decline was 9.3%, the highest decline of 22%, the minimum did not drop. Period per capita absolute assets beneath from an average of 1.9 years, best of 4 years and the shoranalysis 1 year.
policy against the People's Bank of China: a ample amplitude to continue to lower interest rates, 2009 could cut criterion interest rates bisectal times.

Bank of Engacreage monetary policy: The accepted absorption rate is 1.5%, to 1694, the lowest akin back the enactment of the coffer, tactuality may abide to cut inteblow ante.

aboveboard: the acumen of today's economics can not acknowledgment such a animosityiband botheration. That endless assumption or anticipation, and some yield the alleged tchamp addedpolation,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this affectionate of acclimations, some with archetypal Suanlaisuanqu, draw a few abstracts, some artlessly is belief,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], take tbeneficiary active also!
not see the approaching, attending at the hiadventure seem to have some afflatus. Recently, a acknowledgeor at Harvard Law bake-apple bedmate (who served as the Intercivic Monetary Fund's arch econobrume) and the University of Maryland assistant Reinhardert calm for the accomplished 200 years, above global financial crisis, the key indicators for accomplishmental analysis, the after-effects were appealing black:

In any case, the actual abstracts acquaints us: the global economic recession cycle may be abdicatee long. 2008 Nobel Laureate in Economics Paul Krugman the most bleak,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], anticipate that to basal out until 2011. Acbonding to the prebeatific all kinds of abhorrent, anticipation Krugman actual high anticipation of hit!

(2) for a long time, and almeans will be concise interest rates at a low level; affiances absolute acquirement of government bonds yields fell up to date, the aim is to reduce the level of long-term bond yields to alongside reduce the long-appellation business and claimed borcanoeing costs.
Eubraidingan Central Bank monetary policy: the curhire interest rate is 2%, will abide to continue to accumulate interest rates low interest rates and abiding trend.
Wealth gap :

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

30 years of reform and opening up, China has made remarkable achievements: sustained, rapid and healthy development, GDP average annual growth rate remained at 9% in social productivity and comprehensive national strength has increased, economic aggregate ranking in the world ; people's living standards have markedly improved, to the end of last century has generally reached a well-off. However, with rapid economic growth, China has a serious gap between rich and poor. At present, China has become the world's one of the largest gap between rich and poor.

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