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beijing an daytime tour

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PostPosted: Mon 5:08, 09 May 2011    Post subject: beijing an daytime tour

One production at the second of the seven halls, dome tile beast lawful, Liang Dong brackets, eaves Jue Bik painted decoration, house three doors, sway doors Animal mask with green oil tin ring. Mishina Friday with two goods with the goods, but placed the door with the black oil tin ring. Six to Nine, the three halls, Liang Dong only brush with the powder blue decorated, the main entry of 1, with black fuel hoop house ... ... the common people, but three five, granted to use brackets and color decoration. "(" Tianfu widely credited "the sixteen volumes," Rites ", the 1st 189, Beijing Publishing House, 1962.) Distinct from lofty to cheap level, you can enjoy the feudal hierarchy. And this level of system long feudal society, has maintained a relatively stable state, dynasties can be replaced, and this rating system has a stable continuation of a reign dynasty down.
In adding, architectural decoration, the formation of enduring themes and content, animals dragon, tiger, phoenix, tortoise four animal and the lion, giraffe, deer, cranes, ducks and additional plants in the pine, bamboo, plum, chrysanthemum, orchid, the Netherlands and additional flowers, are a prominent architectural position, with the dictate to reflect the muck without creature contaminated, with pine, bamboo and plum temperament of the noble symbol, form of sameness, analogy homonym, to show "Heaven", reflecting the pursuit of a better life and yearning for, advocate and subserve agreeable moral philosophy. This can not but admit that these things reflect the foundation of social permanence at that time, the objective of ancient city of Beijing, on benefit of the peerless human and nature, man and man, the harmonious relationship between man and society.
Beijing's antique buildings in residential areas an major chapter of. By the housing and the walled courtyard into a square or rectangular, from the main structure,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the formation of East and West rooms and back seat courtyard or back seat without the formation of courtyard houses,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], or by the number of yards around the left and right stretched to the door, interlocking passageways constitute a colossal building groups. The layout of the manner, for the ancient Chinese feudal society, patriarchal propriety system needs, at the same time with the yin and yang, feng shui methodology join to make the family members juvenile and old, noble and menial, master and servant, between men and women, living in housing with reflected.
Beijing formal courtyard, door to the southeast edge of the provision in the house, "Sunda" bit. The medium is a courtyard garden,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], spacious courtyard, the courtyard trees grow flowers, and some arranged reserving goldfish tank is a courtyard layout of the heart as well as people walk via, lighting, airing, chilly air, recess, domestic work location. The courtyard in the normal well decorated second gate into the gate, the moon gate and so on. Decorated second door is the most ornate courtyard door, is to detach the inside and outside the hospital, the door is the living room, concierge, garage, etc. No horse "outdoor the House," is the main living bedroom door, "the interior room." In the living environment which embodies the "told." Carving patterns courtyard dominated by a kind of auspicious patterns, such as the bat, Longevity formed the "pleasure and longevity," averaging vase rose to insert "Four Seasons peace", and "future generations", "Three Friends of Winter," " Yu-tong asset, "" Gods hello "and so on, showing people a better life for himself. Pay care to planting trees in Beijing courtyard flowers, flowers are purple, crabapple, flowering plum, mountain peach, etc., more than a jujube tree, Ash. In addition to planting flowers, but also plants, water for.
The maximum mutual is the potted flowers and pomegranate trees, oleander, Kim, Silver Gui, azaleas, gardenia and so ashore. Late Qing Dynasty courtyard in a maxim to depict the life: "dome, fish tank, pomegranates, classic, portly dogs, fat girl," can be said namely the portrayal of the typical courtyard alive. Courtyard must be the pate of the household live in the cardinal establishing of the east pinion and because the left namely valuable, the eldest son to live. The back seat room is generally domestics are to live. "Pecking order" in the courtyard to complete the embodiment. Regular courtyard tiled with a fusion of no only more comfortable alive environment, also established close to ecology, conducive to interpersonal relationships (own family, the family) in a state of harmony, in the little globe of self, a person tin enjoy their grandchildren. Fang Zheng courtyard space, also in line with the Chinese concept of retaining the status quo.
Described in our courtyard below the feudal propriety, while ought be eminent that some particular phenomenon, Beijing is basically a square courtyard in the metropolis or north-south rectangle, and we see the base of the courtyard Cuan general and its norm alike to the city courtyard, while the condition is limited to regional conditions mountain, or even something rectangular courtyard. This can also be seen as the agreeable relationship among male and nature of the determination. We usually see the door open courtyard in the southeast instruction, almost all of the castle door is open in the south way. Palace of the south door, mostly orthodox "face south to King" for an explanation, and residential districts toward the southeast, but also gives the "Purple east." Gossip with the five elements to unravel, the South East for the "Sunda" position, along to the interpretation of the phase graph, a character of the wind, the "smooth", "income" manner. To unravel the five elements, this is the "dragon" morsel, because Gigabit. These have chance the interpretation of the yard to open the door here, raising it to the concept of height.

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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