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clear brain eyesight

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PostPosted: Fri 2:03, 06 May 2011    Post subject: clear brain eyesight

heavy topic: a brilliant student in grade 97 in schools, graduated last in Microsoft's, died last month, but the golden age of 25 years, and cherish their own lives it, everyone. Nice to yourself.
right, and I heard a sad news. Good young advertising industry, but also linked to a person. This person is the Lancer, is engaged in business or design I do not know. A few days ago after working overtime in a row one night, go home and sleep the day after the wake up call, hung up.
surprising is that, about two months ago, is also a girl Lancer business, too, but she is leaving the day after the first few days, get some sleep to get up. The doctor said that death was presumed to be fatigue.
Together, these days, all nine Lancer to turn off the lights, we just do not work overtime. We have to take care of themselves yet. that the two signs occurred
.............: original has always been healthy and often sports (basketball), but stay up late several nights in a row today, after a few days later, will suddenly wake up the next day feel very tired! One wanted to sleep with eyes closed! (The feeling of staying up late in front of different day), but also back pain, but one night, and good spirit up!
do not think this is trivial! According to Chinese medicine's view, is due to fatigue caused by imbalance of yin and yang organs of the body is the body organ from infighting, fighting with each other, and finally causing organ failure and died, so I hope you're not next!
9-11 points at the immune system (lymph) drainage time, this period should be quiet or listen to music
night 11 - 1:00, liver detoxification, need to be sleeping.
am 1-3 points,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], gallbladder detoxification, they are made.
am 3-5 points, lung detoxification. Namely why people cough cough during this period the most dramatic,
detoxification action has come because of the lung; not use cough medicine, so as not to inhibit the exclusion of waste sediments.
am 5-7 points, colon detoxification, should the toilet bowel.
morning 7-9 points, the small intestine absorbs nutrients period of time, should eat breakfast.
the best early treatment of patients to eat before the 6:30, and health in the 7:30 before,
do not eat breakfast should change their habit, even if the drag 9,10 eat than to eat well.
midnight to 4:00 hours for the spinal cord blood to be asleep, not stay up late.

have to share if they feel good. . . Everybody likes to celebrate together than alone. . . I only hope you can read more than the sake of their families for their own, to try to sleep early ... ------- hands, feet, body corresponding to the internal organs of the various acupuncture points (Figure) This is a few pictures below show, we hands, feet, body organs corresponding to various points. Massage, when aligned under the force point to health benefits for us.

Here is a revolutionary hand-physical capital, learned to massage it for ourselves.Renal function is normal, and has a pivotal role in health and longevity.
Chinese Five Elements theory that the kidney stores the essence, opens into the ear, treatment of kidney disease have many points in the ear. So often the ears exercises, can play Jianshen strong waist, the role of self-cultivation sickness.

one, pulling the ear lobe method screen placed inside the index finger with both hands, the use of the index finger and thumb pulling the tragus, earlobe, pulling from the inside out, approach from light to heavy, pulling the strength of feeling pain is not limited to, each 3 to 5 minutes. This method can be headache, dizziness, neurasthenia, tinnitus and other diseases.
second hand double hand fist Mount Helix law to the thumb and finger food to push back and forth up and down along the helix-mo, until the helix congestive fever. This method has brain, Qiangshen, Cong ears, eyes and the power, can prevent impotence, frequent urination, constipation, back pain, cervical spondylosis, palpitation, chest distress, headache, dizziness and other illnesses.
three, pulling with both hands, the thumb tip, law, ear pinch tip of the index finger, move up pulling,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], rubbing, kneading, friction and 15 to 20 times, make some hot red. This method has sedative, analgesic, clear brain eyesight, fever, allergy, Yang Shen and other effects, can prevent hypertension, insomnia, pharyngitis, and skin diseases.
four, rubbing his hands were playing Qingnie binaural binaural method lobe,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and then to red hot friction rub. Then grabbed the earlobe pull down, and then let the ear lobe bounce. Two or three times a day, each under 20. This method can promote blood circulation of the ear, with the effect of lumbar Jianshen strong.
five, his hands over his head and pulled up his left ear method traction on the right ear, ten times, and then the right hand pulling the left ear dozens of times. This exercise can also promote the submandibular gland, sublingual gland secretion, reducing throat pain, the treatment of chronic pharyngitis.
six, his hands palms cover their ears and France two ear, fingers Tuo after the skull, flip the middle finger with the index finger 24 pressure, it can be heard This stimulation can be active in the kidney, there are brain,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], eyesight, Qiangshen effect.
seven full ears massage your hands palm friction heat, the back massage belly (that is, the front ears), and then massage the back of the forward fold, repeated massage 5 to 6 times. This method can clear the meridians, organs are the kidneys and systemic health effects.
eight, his hands sweeping ear method with both hands behind the ears by the forward sweep, then will hear Each 20, the day several times, as long as the long-term adherence, will be able to Qiangshen fitness. Eight
above can be selected according to their requirements, or with the individual or several,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], as long as sustained, certain to receive the desired results.

easy to learn Qiangshen fitness health laws of traditional medicine that the birth of the kidney, the source of life, kidney filling, the energetic, strong bones, walking briskly, Spiritual agile, kidney loss yang is weak, weak waist, susceptible to cold, raw diseases.
kidney disease are yin, yang of the points.

kidney who have Hyperactivity, throat, waist and knees, dizziness, ringing in the ears, reddish tongue and other symptoms.

deficiency are common with physical chills, listlessness, backache, tinnitus, pale tongue, body fat and other symptoms.
Chinese medicine, physical features, including joints, bones and other organizations of the movement, dominated by the liver and kidney rests, therefore, Yang tendons Jianshen getting a vivid, smooth Qimai and enhance the effectiveness of their resistance to achieve the purpose of Qiangshen fitness. Walking, jogging,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], playing, exercise, boxing and swordplay, are a good exercise program. Here are a few simple health practices, you can try.

rubbed loin muscle: rub hands tight at the waist, rubbing force 30 times.
Rouan pubic region: hands rub, massage in the abdomen at the pubic region of 30 to 50 times. Pubic region is one of the infuriating, the true essence of the rally for the life of the human body. This method is commonly used, can enhance the body's immune function, improve the body's resistance to achieve the objective of strengthening the foundation Qiangshen is conducive to longevity. Issued the Repeated from 6 to 9 times.
In addition, the heart corresponds to the Pronunciation of longer, more times.
spleen gas through the gastrointestinal health approach:

hands overlap, clockwise around the navel Roufu to pass the main gas can promote gastrointestinal smooth, counter-clockwise around the navel Roufu, places complement the main spleen may play a role in patients with constipation, and more clockwise rubbing, spleen were then added rub counterclockwise, each 300 to 500 under 1 or 2 times a day. Blessings friends have a healthy body good!

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

The driver clambered into his seat, clicked his tongue, and we went downhill. The brake squeaked horribly from time to time. At the foot he eased off the noisy mechanism and said, turning half round on his box--
"We shall see some more of them by-and-by."
"More idiots? How many of them are there, then?" I asked.
"There's four of them--children of a farmer near Ploumar here. . . . The parents are dead now," he added, after a while. "The grandmother lives on the farm. In the daytime they knock about on this road, and they come home at dusk along with the cattle. . . . It's a good farm."
We saw the other two: a boy and a girl, as the driver said. They were dressed exactly alike, in shapeless garments with petticoat-like skirts. The imperfect thing that lived within them moved those beings to howl at us from the top of the bank, where they sprawled amongst the tough stalks of furze. Their cropped black heads stuck out from the bright yellow wall of countless small blossoms. The faces were purple with the strain of yelling; the voices sounded blank and cracked like a mechanical imitation of old people's voices; and suddenly ceased when we turned into a lane.
I saw them many times in my wandering about the country. They lived on that road, drifting along its length here and there, according to the inexplicable impulses of their monstrous darkness. They were an offence to the sunshine, a reproach to empty heaven, a blight on the concentrated and purposeful vigour of the wild landscape. In time the story of their parents shaped itself before me out of the listless answers to my questions, out of the indifferent words heard in wayside inns or on the very road those idiots haunted. Some of it was told by an emaciated and sceptical old fellow with a tremendous whip, while we trudged together over the sands by the side of a two-wheeled cart loaded with dripping seaweed. Then at other times other people confirmed and completed the story: till it stood at last before me, a tale formidable and simple, as they always are, those disclosures of obscure trials endured by ignorant hearts.

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PostPosted: Mon 7:57, 16 May 2011    Post subject:

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Reprinted from alumni of the user at 19:39 on August 18, 2010 Reading (loading. ..) Comments (0) Category: Personal Diary

tomato fried rice
left a bowl of rice, tomato 1, fresh 1 egg, green onion 1.
1, Wash the diced tomatoes, green onions and light blue pick the net after each chopped onion leaves. Lay eggs with a small bowl stand;
2, Cold Heat lard under the pot, add soy fragrant light blue. Turn in the slow fire under the fried rice;
3, heating the oil until after the rice, and pour eggs,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], stir quickly to open fire, wrapped in the egg mixture evenly on the rice grains;
4, according to taste by adding flavor juice, seasonings, tomatoes under grain, onion leaves stir fry pan can be evenly.

savory pork chop rice
pork chops, cooking wine, black pepper, salt, flour (wheat flour), eggs, soy sauce, sugar, onion.
1,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], pork chop with a knife blade shoot loose, add cooking wine, black pepper, salt, marinated for 20 minutes;
2, dipped in flour, shake off excess flour, dip in egg, bread flour to make another on This is the key to make delicious pork chops 3 Steps;
3, uniform film on both sides of the bread flour, medium heat fry until golden on both sides, this step is not accidentally deleted photos
4, onion, soy sauce filament, cooking wine, sugar, boiling water directly about;
6, cover the lid look stew, eggs, Results from the good, Sheng good meal, the pork chops on the Rice Bowl.

pork claypot
1, Guo Lifang on the meters of sand, looked at the amount of their own right, water (I have failed because the water is put too much) we are cooking more than usual amount of a half fingers on it, put the pot on the stove, fire boil, Gaixiao fire Man Manao (either when mixing, so as not to stick pan);
2, cooking time, we marinate the ribs, wash clean small ribs, put soy sauce, chicken, salt, starch and mix well;
3, when the rice almost ready, put the first points in the ribs of oil and mix well on top of rice, cover, or small fire, slowly cooked the ribs Wu, place vegetables can be a good burning, the pot is small, a person can eat up! !

chicken? Rice:
200 grams of chicken, rice amount. (Rice and chicken component should be based on the number of population change in your home Oh)
small amount of salt, soy sauce 1 tablespoon sugar 1 / 3 tablespoons cornstarch 1 / 3 tablespoons ginger, green onions , coriander amount.
1, cleaned chopped chicken pieces, salt, soy sauce, sugar, cornstarch, ginger tasty marinate for 10 minutes; (longer time points to better pickled, marinated chicken time We can handle the vegetables.)
2, as usually used as cooking rice cooker cooking, water should be slightly less than usual a little bit, put the marinated chicken with marinade poured on top of boiled rice;
3, the rice is cooked, add chopped green onion and parsley, cover and continue to heat 6 to 8 minutes on it!
4, that? out of rice, sweet rice, chicken tender, very tasty.

Yiyi Experience:
1, chicken can be replaced with pork ribs, chicken, chicken wings, sausage meat, and so can;
2,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], if you like what you can add the vegetables and simmer for in, such as potatoes, carrots, etc.;
3,? rice cooking water, the water should be less than usual a little bit, because? rice materials have some water.

raw cabbage fried rice
2 eggs, remaining 1 cup of rice, cabbage shreds, green onion, a little.
1, pan heat oil, knock into the egg and gently stir fry do not look old, and little can be solidified;
2, Gaixiao fire, add rice to the eggs in the pot, even causal;
3, change the fire,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], add cabbage and green onion, stir fry until soft and cooked cabbage can be away from the fire plate.
simple bowl of fried rice, bringing a ray of family warmth. done using this method Anhai
cucumber fried rice, ham fried rice, bean sprouts, fried rice, fried potatoes, etc., as delicious. (Fried rice or bean sprouts, fried potatoes made in advance when the dishes cooked with boiled)

rice spinach egg yolk salted egg yolk, spinach, leftovers.
1, roll salted egg yolk broken, into the pan fried rice noodles to Hong Set aside;
2, boiled spinach, washed into the cooked, chopped, add sesame oil and mix well;
3, the leftovers into the steamer heat, when hot mix vinegar, salt and salad oil to make soft sticky rice to keep loose. Jia Ruqie good when cooled spinach, mix well made Fantuan Zi, sprinkle salted egg yolk to one o'clock. green pepper and pork fried rice

materials (two copies):
1 green pepper, 2 eggs, pork 100 grams, two pieces of ginger, rice, 2 bowls
soy sauce, sugar, chicken the right amount.
1, green pepper strips, eggs, beaten;
2, filament chicken meat, a little soy sauce, sugar, mix well, add small amount of oil and mix well.
1, pot of hot oil, three into the hot, add green pepper and stir fry quickly after the dish alternate color (fire);
2, with crude oil, put the pork, stir fry quickly to change color after Dish standby (fire);
3, or the use of crude oil, into the egg with chopsticks quickly into the next plan immediately after the rice powder and stir into the amount of soy sauce (medium heat);
4, down into the fried green peppers, pork, stir well then serve.

raw onion beef rice
beef slices on 120G about a half onion, a little kimchi, rice bowl, water 200ML, soy sauce, 3 tablespoons sugar 1 tablespoon and a half, a little salt, little sesame oil, chicken little.
1, bovine brain chip on to the bloody red onion cut into thick filaments;
2, seasoning mix into the pan Heat until boiling;
3, the beef into Zhu Zhi, the color after , cooked onions to the onion, turn off the heat;
4, beef, onion, and spread to the white rice Zhu Zhi, the point a little bit of sesame oil, kimchi can be placed. Pineapple fried rice with pineapple

1 / 4 (about 70 grams), onion 1 / 4 (about 50 grams), corn (about 50 grams), 2 Shuanghui sausage, green and red Caijiao the half, the egg one.
salt, amount of oil, oyster sauce 2 tbsp.
1, big pineapple;
2, pineapple meat picked up salt water soak for 10 minutes; green and red Caijiao clean cut into small pieces; onion, diced; sausage cut into small pieces, wash and drain corn water;
3, add a little water, beaten egg, fry with a shovel Nongsan;
4, the hot oil, saute onion;
5, add sausage stir fry for 1 minute edge;
6, add corn kernels, fried side shed a little edge of water, stir-fry until dry water;
7, add the eggs stir fry evenly Jian Hao;
8, add green peppers tablets, put a little salt, stir fry a few (if you usually use oyster sauce if you can not put enough salt in salt also tasty, and must not put too much salt);
9, poured into the rice, stir fry evenly;
10, add 2 tablespoons of oyster sauce, stir well, add pineapple, stir evenly to all the materials can turn off the heat Rights;
11, with a bowl hollowed out pineapple, and put on a bowl of color, the smell and taste of the pineapple dinner ready;
12, to see close-up, colorful, beautiful and delicious;
13, when the bowl digging pineapple pulp, is not it make you more appetite.
materials fried rice is very casual, like what to eat to what to put, ah meat, seafood, ah, ah no so-called food, if not particularly do not like onions, I suggest put some onions, fried rice are particularly tasty, as long as the early release saute onion, and stir over a period of time, in fact, no onion, spicy flavor is the matter, leaving only flavor Rights;

egg sausage broccoli fried rice:
rice bowl, 1 egg, 1 sausage, broccoli small.
salt, oyster sauce.
1, Jun Jun has been cut Blanch the broccoli and different size and shape of the sausage;
2, Jun-Jun the most adept egg, egg put a little salt, add half the egg shell cold water;
3, broccoli stir fry; add rice, because rice Jun Jun is no way to Nongsan;
4, side of fried sprinkle water 2 times sides, add oyster sauce to a bowl and began to eat slightly;

silver fried rice, 2 eggs, 1 bowl of leftover rice, potatoes, a dice, a little chopped green onion, salt, a tsp.
1, wok heat oil, fry the egg into a alternate Sheng;
2, by pan fried potatoes, eggs, pour the remaining oil to stir fry for a moment, add a bowl of water into the fried rice powder, turn a small fire seal the lid;
3, see the collection of water to make egg and green onion stir Sheng turned out transfer to a plate.

vegetarian fried rice:
leftovers bowl, 1 egg, onion 1 / 4, 2 pieces of tofu, Chinese cabbage 4.
2 tablespoons oyster sauce, salt and a small amount.
1, onion, tofu, Chinese cabbage chopped;
2, beat the egg, pour the leftovers into the mix evenly so that every grain of rice wrapped in egg mixture;
3 Heat the pan, stir into the onions, Chao Chu flavor, add tofu stir for 2 minutes, add cabbage stir for 1 minute, add 1 tablespoon of water, cover and simmer for 2 minutes, salt seasoning (not too salty), Dish stand;
4, re-heat the pan, pour in the rice wrapped in egg, fried in the fire fast, because the wrapped egg, must be deft fried rice can only be causal, then add fried onions, tofu, Chinese cabbage stir together, add oyster sauce, stir well, you can install disc it!

spinach fried rice:
spinach, eggs, green onion, rice, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil.
1, spinach fried rice, spinach washed Shuitang fish out;
2, oil heat, add chopped green onion saute, add eggs, saute, stir into rice and spinach 2 minutes;
3, a little soy sauce, sugar, salt, sesame oil into the pan.

Kimchi fried rice ingredients:
loaded with spicy cabbage, rice amount, salt, chicken, oil and a small amount.
1, spicy cabbage, cut into small pieces.
2, pan oil pan, into the spicy cabbage stir fry, then add the rice, chicken and salt and stir fry, pan.

pork chop with rice
(3 servings) 250 grams of pig spinal pass, salt 1 / 4 tsp white pepper, onion 60 grams, half a green onion, 3 eggs (of which 3 tablespoons James used to wrap meat), 2 tablespoons flour, bread crumbs amount.
soy sauce, cooking wine, the taste Lin 60ml (plus a small amount of rice wine taste Lin sugar substitute available, if not to only use rice wine soy sauce, cooking wine and a little sugar instead.)
1, wash and drain through ridge, about 0.5cm thick, cut into large, grasping absorbed salt and pepper marinated for 10 minutes;
2, Wash membrane onion, shredded; green onions washed shredded;
3, the egg broken into the egg, three spoons to scoop out the meat for a while stick wrapped;
4, James wrapped the marinated meat were low powder, egg and bread crumbs;
5, the pan into the oil (oil should be a little more) a small fire to both sides of steak fry until yellowish color (also available under the pan fried meat, so that a more refined look better and keeps out); and then cut into thick strips;
6, the soy sauce, taste Lin, wine mixture and mix thoroughly, the wok to boil;
7, onions and boil and pour into large onion, Cook for a moment;
8, put pork chops, and then quickly into the egg, cover the basic solidification Gail Cook until the egg mixture. Finally, a good pork chop
pour cooking rice can enjoy. Assorted Fried Rice

amount of cold rice, eggs, shrimp, crab meat, peas, carrots, corn grain amount, oil, salt, chicken, green onion amount.
1, chopped shrimp, crab meat dices, carrot dices.
2, peas, corn, carrots, heat water, cook until slightly cooked, add a little salt eggs, pan fried and tender.
3, Guo Lifang a little oil, put chopped green onion blasting pot, stir fry under the shrimp and crab meat, add the vegetables over the water, with salt and then stir fry.
4, into the cold rice, add chicken, whole Guo Chao evenly.

lentils fried rice
lentils, bacon, carrot, onion and rice.
soy sauce, chicken right amount of sugar a little.
1, wash the rice soak more than four hours;
2, frying pan heat oil, yellow onion stir to dry after adding bacon and stir-Hong;
3,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], add carrots wire stir well;
4, add lentils, transferred all the spices, such as green lentils situation as quickly dish standby;
5, take the casserole, add soaked rice and put it into practice all the ingredients 4 , mix;
6, as the case properly, add water, add flush with the material can be;
7, caps, water Gaixiao open, fire, rice cooked stew to serve.

sausage fresh peas peas, sticky rice, sausage, rice, chopped green onion.
cooking oil, salt, broth.
1, sausages, steamed, diced standby;
2, glutinous rice, wash, add appropriate amount of boiling broth or water;
3, add a little non-stick cooking oil burning in hot, the next green onion until fragrant, stir fry under the pea;
4, add a little water and continue to stir fry until cooked peas, Sheng out of standby;
5, pot add a little oil, under the cooked glutinous rice, cooked sausage Ding, designated casual mix well; salt seasoning; Finally, add peas, mix well.

beef fried rice
venetian rice, cooked beef blinds, onion, green pepper 3.
1, venetian deli to buy cattle (also considered in order to complete the most simple delicious dishes, and sometimes do not need anything else prepare their own good), onion, green pepper strips washed .
2, pot base oil, oil heat, stir into the onions and peppers a few minutes the fire. Then pour cooked beef blinds, add soy sauce, salt and a little sugar stir fry a few.
3, and then stir into the rice ready to open. Rice is best to use overnight, so not much moisture in the rice, it is easy causal.

4, a simple fried rice or can also be called rice bowl, extra meals at home, you can also try the. Tripe has four, one of the blinds is the belly. Used to do pot and Mao Xuewang. Do not eat is outside the cellular and two stomach and grass belly, it is easy to identify, like a small honeycomb stomach honeycomb surface, grass surface domesticated hen's belly, the thick meat. Commonly used to Lu Cai, very tasty .

shrimp fried rice shrimp, onions, green peppers, ginger, onions, cooking wine, salt, oil, eggs, pepper.
1, remove the shrimp from the refrigerator thawing
2, onions, green peppers diced spare
3, pick the shrimp to shrimp pot line into the water, heat, onions, ginger, cooking wine, will be Alternate shrimp cooked shrimp stripped
4, pot heat the oil into the egg,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], fry lightly beaten spare
5, the pot of oil heat, add onions, green peppers stir fry
6 D , stir fry were put into the egg after the salt pepper shrimp stir well to turn.

label practices raw onion health food rice

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