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Couple was hijacked on the street car men and foug

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PostPosted: Sat 17:03, 09 Apr 2011    Post subject: Couple was hijacked on the street car men and foug

reporter from the river yesterday, the Public Security Bureau was informed that the incident occurred, the branch cracked the case to police the next day , three men and a woman were arrested.

introduced , according to police , three men and a woman in the cafe in the understanding of women a minor , three men are in the 23 to 25 years old, a few months ago car robbery, the main goal of committing the crime is Depositors withdrawing money from banks out , the trailing looking for opportunities to commit robbery .
Pingqiao police station immediately rushed to the scene ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], this time , the van had to start running, leaving the scene of a man and a woman , the man lying on the ground , who cut more than 10 knives have been dying , women Were scared to speak. The man died .
1月13 evening 23 o'clock , a Division via Cao Huaxi Road section of the driver through the street to see a van parked nearby , standing near the vehicle holding machetes and other weapons of several men and women ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], who There are many blood. Drivers to quickly dial

11 o'clock that night , police in a nearby hospital surveillance video showed that half an hour ago , several men and women who came to the hospital bandaged the wound ,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the victim identified , this is the night of the attack several people Criminals . Police soon found near Dongshan in Guiyang City, the trail of the suspects , three men and a woman arrested.
Three men and a woman
in the car , Chen and the gang launched a desperate struggle, cut more than 10 knives, and drive the criminals have been knifed Chen snatched the injury, the van driving to the Secretary in the CAO stretch of road, a collision Fort-like ridge on the roadside .

Jinqianzaixian car rental information , premeditated robbery had just come out of depositors withdrawing money from the bank , hijacked the car in the couple , the man struggled and fought against , as outnumbered , were criminals Liansha died after more than 10 knives .
police inquiry woman was informed that the inmate, surnamed Chen,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], woman surnamed Gou , is a couple, the day after their 22 pm near the Guizhou University for Nationalities , and suddenly a van parked in their side, got out Three men and a woman armed with a knife hijacked the car to force them to Guiyang Road.


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

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PostPosted: Tue 10:32, 17 May 2011    Post subject:

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just is not long before the child cough, again, the anti-inflammatory medicine to take nearly 7 days, is afraid to let her eat , and see these small recipe, really put it down, first down and reproduced, with the following addition to the Chuanbei pears are outside, I will slowly try!

exogenous Abstract cough cough cough and internal injuries of the points, and the common cough cough, cold and wind heat divided cough, different types of cough medicine is completely different ...

cough and cold remedies cough remedies

wind-heat internal injuries
cough cough remedies massage
cough note and internal injuries cough points, while the common cough cough, cold and wind heat divided cough, different types of cough medicine is completely different therapeutic approach is different. Here is a simple distinction method is to observe the child's tongue. If the tongue is white, is the treatment of cough, your child cold weight, cough, sputum are more rare, white clay, and both nasal congestion, runny nose, then should eat warm, Huatanzhike food. If a child's tongue is yellow, red, is the wind-heat cough, your child more heat, cough, phlegm yellow, thick and difficult to cough, and sore throat, then should eat clearing the lungs, Huatanzhike food. Cough cough mostly internal injuries, recurrent cough, then parents should pay attention to the children to eat some of spleen and stomach, kidney, lungs gas food, specifically as follows:

cold cough

1. ginger + brown sugar + garlic

child suffering from a cold cold, drink warm ginger and brown sugar, water played a very good therapeutic effect, if the child is also a cough, add ginger and brown sugar in water 2 to 3 cloves of garlic boiled together, to low heat and cook for 10 minutes to cook spicy garlic off so that the children would the drinking.

2. distilled water

take garlic garlic 2 to 3, Paisui, in a bowl, add half a bowl of water, into a rock sugar, seal the bowl into the pot in the steaming, use a small steam after the fire to boil 15 minutes. When the bowl of the garlic fed child to drink water when hot, can not eat garlic. Usually 2 to 3 times a day, a small bowl. Garlic and warm, into the stomach, lung, treatment of cough, cold, cough, kidney effect was very good, but easy and convenient, the children are willing to drink.


tangerine orange baked directly on a small fire on the grill, and continue to flip, grilled black orange peel and orange in the smoke from the heat can be. A cooler will be orange, orange peel strip, let the children eat the warm orange petals. If it is a large orange, the children eat 2 to 3 a can, and if it is a small contribution to orange, the children can eat one time. Best to eat with the garlic water, 2 or 3 times a day. Orange and warm, Huatanzhike role. After eating grilled oranges would significantly reduce the amount of sputum, cough effect is very obvious, and children are willing to eat.

4. sesame oil and ginger

scrambled eggs into the wok to a teaspoon of sesame oil, the oil heat, add ginger, a little bit off in oil, then into a fried egg uniform. Cough, cold cough and physically weak children, the children before going to sleep every night to eat a hot, adhere to eat a few days, you can receive significant results.

5. Pear + pepper + sugar

a pear, washed, driving through the middle of the nuclear transverse incision after the pepper into 20, two rock sugar, then pears on a good fight into the bowl, about half an hour on the pot to steam, can be divided into two after eating a pear. Steamed pear pepper candy cold cough treatment effect is very obvious, but some children do not like the taste of pepper, parents can choose.

above the therapeutic treatment of cough and cold side, parents and medical treatment in the use of these methods should also note the following of the cold food can not let children eat: green beans, crab, clam, snail, snails, persimmons, grapefruit, bananas, kiwi fruit, sugar cane, watermelon, melon, bitter gourd, water chestnuts, arrowhead, kelp, seaweed, raw carrots, eggplant,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Artemisia, lotus root, white gourd, sponge gourd,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], sweet potato and so on.

wind-heat cough

1. pears + sugar + chuanbei

the pear cut by the shank cross-sectional, after driving through the middle of nuclear sugar into 2 to 3 , 5 ~ 6 fritillary (Fritillaria to crack into the end), the pears into a bowl to fight for a good fight, on the pot to steam for about 30 minutes, twice for the baby to eat. This Fangyou Run lung, cough, phlegm role. Because now the baby in general Tan Liang, blew hot air all year round eating cold fruit, so now the baby suffering from wind-heat cough decreased.


boiled turnip radish wash water, cut 4 to 5 thin slices, into a small pot, increase half a bowl of water and set fire to boil, then low heat cook 5 minutes. And other drinking water cooler and then to the baby, the party wind-heat treatment of cough, dry nose and throat, dry cough with little phlegm effect is good, less than 2 years old baby received better.

3. you can give your baby to eat the following foods:

�� persimmon: Sexual Big Chill, to heat, phlegm, cough. But the baby can only eat one, eat a lot of stomach uncomfortable.

�� watermelon: cold, fever can cure everything. The baby suffering from the wind in the summer heat, such as cough, give him to eat more watermelon.

�� loquat: cool, can Huatanzhike lungs. Suitable for hot cough vomiting yellow Nong Tan baby to eat.

�� water chestnuts: cold, water chestnuts water phlegm, heat. Take 2 to 3 water chestnuts, peeled, cut into thin slices, into the pot, add a bowl of water, the fire burned for 5 minutes. This side of the heat were effective cough spit purulent sputum.

Other simmer soup to eat melon, fried gourd, fried lotus root,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], fried bitter gourd, etc., also play an elimination heat, remove the fire, the role of cough. Spicy, easy to get angry against eating foods such as meat, dog meat, fowl, fish, shrimp, dates, dried longan flesh, lychees, walnuts, pepper, cherry, pupa.

internal injuries, internal injuries cough cough

that long-term, repeated episodes of chronic cough. Caused by a fever or cough,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], though the symptoms of fever has disappeared, but the cough has been no better. Repeated coughing baby anti-inflammatory drugs and the use of cough medicines are more poor appetite, loss of appetite, fur is almost white fur. Therefore, the baby's parents first taste conditioning to improve your baby's health. Specific food therapy is as follows:

1. Cold cough cough therapeutic side of the baby are taken for internal injuries.


the ones for mountain yam, peeled, cut into small pieces into the food grinder, plus half a bowl of water,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], the yam processing into a thin paste. Then into the pot, set on fire burning, while stirring constantly, then boil. Baby the best food in the fasting, good ones for a bowl of mountains can be divided into 2 or 3 times to feed your baby. Yam spleen and stomach, lungs gas, kidney essence, the party most suitable for infant food, not only to cough the treatment of asthma, but also in children with anorexia, sweating more, drooling, Qi timid and other diseases are also very good therapeutic effect . Note that, yams boiling time should not be too long, otherwise the amylase contained in them will break down, loss of tonic effects.

3. jujube + ginkgo

this party for over 2 years old baby food. Dates to take 3 capsules, ginkgo three into the pot in a large bowl with water, the fire 10 minutes. Taking the baby to sleep at night. Dates and warm,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], qi qi, spleen and stomach; ginkgo lung convergence of level, will cough, and the role of Gushen, so some of Cough, recurrent colds, cough, fever in children is very effect, but it also can treat enuresis. Note that the dates and the amount of ginkgo must be controlled, limited to three, can cause the baby more than the amount of lit, air stagnation.

4. Walnut + sesame + dates + honey walnut

half a catty, black sesame seeds 2 two dates half a catty, crushed them into a large bowl mix well, then add a spoon of honey, 3 spoon of water (due to difficult Stir honey, honey, it can be first on the fire and water heating). The bowl seal, into the cauldron of steaming, after the switch to a small fire to boil over high heat 40 minutes. Baby to eat a spoonful every morning and evening. Take this as the most suitable for children, not only can cure children with chronic cough, bronchitis, asthma, and constipation in children is also very good results. If the long-term consumption of this side, then, can enhance your baby's health.

cough massage

1. shoot back

infant does not spit, even if the sputum has been coughed up sputum and will just swallow the stomach. Parents in the baby cough, pick up the children, with an empty palm pat baby's back, up and down about all photographed. If a photograph of a part when the baby to cough, sputum to plot the baby's here, should focus on film. Most of the site of the subscapularis, which is easy to plot the bottom of the lung sputum. As long as the stimulation of sputum, the baby will cough, sputum once discharged, can temporarily relieve cough. So, take the back can play Chest qi, promote the role of sputum discharge. Shot back the best in the baby just woke up or before going to sleep to.

2. For wind-heat cough, and accompanied by sore throat, tonsil inflammation of the baby can use the method of foot massage.

first baby of the soles of the feet rubbing up and down, rubbing each foot 30 under. Then massage each toe is up and down the next 20 to 40. Focus on the roots of the big toe on both sides of the foot massage the site, as long as the tonsils, this site will be hurt, each foot massage for 5 minutes. After the massage, the baby's symptoms of sore throat will be significantly reduced.

massage for the baby to drink plenty of warm water in time, you can also drink a touch of salt water. Twice every day to baby massage, together with the diet, the baby's illness would soon heal.

cough note

(1) to keep the air fresh and polluted indoor air can cause respiratory tract adverse stimulus, can the respiratory tract mucosa congestion, edema, increased secretion of abnormal or cough, can cause severe breathing symptoms. Therefore, to keep indoor air fresh, cooking fumes should be discharged, parents are not at home and puff over smoking. Time window should be ventilation.

(2) timely change clothing, many parents believe that children must stand the cold than adults, they often regardless of the season, regardless of indoor and outdoor, will cover their children too thick, package too strict, not to child to be a little cold, the result is caused by poor body conditioning, lower the resistance.

(3) adjust the room temperature is often accompanied by children cough, fever, and body temperature is not conducive to high heat. Coolish, fresh air can shrink the respiratory tract mucosa, reduce redness, swelling, maintain airway patency. But the temperature is too low, then it would digest and absorb excessive nutrients to produce energy for the oxidation to maintain body temperature, reduced resistance to diseases, affecting growth and development. Optimum temperature is 25-28 ��, called the neutral temperature.

under normal conditions is difficult to maintain that temperature, but can be done at room temperature Buzhi Yu is too high, too low. Appropriate switch windows and doors, to avoid the crowded room personnel, the use of electric fans, heaters or air conditioning are all simple measures.

(4) maintain proper indoor humidity is too dry, the air humidity decreased, mucous membranes dry, brittle, small blood vessels may rupture, ciliary movement is limited, difficult to spit up mucus. Respiratory inflammation, the effect becomes more apparent. Keep indoor humidity is not necessarily difficult. The climate is dry, wet mop can be used, or sprinkle some water on the floor.

(5) diet regulation saying goes, Chinese medicine, fish, crabs, shrimp and other Hunxing fat, greasy foods, may help damp phlegm, and some may cause allergic reactions worse. Pepper, pepper, ginger and other spicy products, have a stimulating effect on the respiratory tract, the cough should avoid. And fresh vegetables such as cabbage, carrots, tomatoes, etc., can supply a variety of vitamins and inorganic salts, is conducive to the recovery of the body metabolism.

(6) to ensure adequate sleep, sleep, muscle relaxation, reduced response to outside stimuli, heart rate, respiration, excretion and other activities less favorable functional recovery of various organs and disease recovery. Should rest in bed trying to get more children to ensure children get enough sleep, the body in order to facilitate rehabilitation.

this log from Tencent Friends (www.pengyou.com), visit Tencent Friends>>

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