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love is a fate. To the edge together

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PostPosted: Sat 21:48, 30 Apr 2011    Post subject: love is a fate. To the edge together

- Love Proverbs DaquanLove is a religion.

money can not buy true love.

This is a law of friendship: Once suspicion entered through the front door, love will be out the back door.

you want to oust the rival, I can understand this feeling; you desperately to keep his sweetheart, to prevent any further complications - it is natural,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]! As for killing him, because he won the love, this is really like a child, his fall hurt, but trying to get land.

always love affair can not last forever, and only cast a cloak of mystery, can own peace of mind.

you write a poem, and the monument of love, she exchanges; her window on a moonlit night you sang as though they contrived sentimental tone poems; your wrist with the hair into the ring, that ring, vanity accessories, trivial toys, flowers, candy, these can strongly induce an innocent lie to the heart of the messenger girl to steal her infatuation; you use tricks to steal her heart.

order to produce healthy offspring power of love, love to be a physical love. Since it is physical love, then we must love each other's flesh. Among the parties indulge in love, when two souls meet each other, resulting in resonance. Resonance is a truce, a reconciliation. So when the physical contact of alienation is often offensive to occur, rather than the reverse.

each must have its spiritual essence of love, the essence of a flower in full bloom, and the other essential to wither. Love does not need physical love,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], mutual respect can not be relegated to mere pleasure. Content from [link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

love as the original to meet / is no longer for the separation / if it is a love that can never meet again / never be able to start export / never again think / can never be ignited if the fire / alone / Staring at the dark sky

now together, may be together, together, will not, remember my words: missed, there may never will not come again.

If she (he) loves you, you love her (him), then you do not lie to her, not even the best have a good cheat because she (he) is, after all you love people.

If you have together, we must work hard to trust each other, do not go wild suspicion as a trivial matter, so no good at all, but also you are not confident of your own kind of performance, but you will gradually lose confidence in each other.the.

may all have each had such a man, two women, at least two. Married to a red rose, over time, changes in the red touch of mosquito blood on the wall, white or The cinnabar is a mole on her chest.
I want you to know that this world a man is always waiting for you, no matter at what time, no matter where you are,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], anyway, you know, the total There is such a person.

mud men, women are water, mud and more, the water turbidity; much water, mud thin; more, no less, shape into two figurines - a pair of good Shenxianjuanlv. This category, as a rare, God always wanted to be back one, get the palm to look and see what it was like gods in the end.

When you truly love someone, that person can be in addition to high, he also had some lovely weaknesses you love him this is the key. (French)

If you really love a person,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], even if the change of time and space, and change the face, you still can recognize that millions of people familiar with the soul, and then again in love with him.

love does not need to explain, but can explain everything. Although love is just one of many emotions in a class, but it is more profound than the other, more helpless.

Love is like chewing gum, a long time will be bland, bland that wanted to give up, regardless of where lost, would leave a difficult to erase the traces.

the issue of love is often no right or wrong, love is a fate. To the edge together,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], edge to make the bulk. To married and accompanied to the end of time, it is not the edge of the precious.

Love is not Huayin the sweet words, is not paradise in the secret words, not light cotton tears, forcing more than die-hard, love is built on a common basis. Content from the inspirational success of network

a man really became emotional, his love much more than women love great, but watching from the other side, women from one person to hate, down lasting than men much more.

not how to achieve the purpose, love became a love. No matter how love is a beautiful,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], a result. And engraved in the hearts of love, because selfless desires, as indifferent to grief, will be true forever.

love water and still water, every day use, when you can drink hot, cold, you can drink, overnight you can use it to wash hands, pure and simple, like how to say it is a to drink or how nutritious, difficult, there was no need. Are all wonderful and romantic things such as fish water Lengnuanzizhi. Content from the success of inspirational network

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

The driver clambered into his seat, clicked his tongue, and we went downhill. The brake squeaked horribly from time to time. At the foot he eased off the noisy mechanism and said, turning half round on his box--
"We shall see some more of them by-and-by."
"More idiots? How many of them are there, then?" I asked.
"There's four of them--children of a farmer near Ploumar here. . . . The parents are dead now," he added, after a while. "The grandmother lives on the farm. In the daytime they knock about on this road, and they come home at dusk along with the cattle. . . . It's a good farm."
We saw the other two: a boy and a girl, as the driver said. They were dressed exactly alike, in shapeless garments with petticoat-like skirts. The imperfect thing that lived within them moved those beings to howl at us from the top of the bank, where they sprawled amongst the tough stalks of furze. Their cropped black heads stuck out from the bright yellow wall of countless small blossoms. The faces were purple with the strain of yelling; the voices sounded blank and cracked like a mechanical imitation of old people's voices; and suddenly ceased when we turned into a lane.
I saw them many times in my wandering about the country. They lived on that road, drifting along its length here and there, according to the inexplicable impulses of their monstrous darkness. They were an offence to the sunshine, a reproach to empty heaven, a blight on the concentrated and purposeful vigour of the wild landscape. In time the story of their parents shaped itself before me out of the listless answers to my questions, out of the indifferent words heard in wayside inns or on the very road those idiots haunted. Some of it was told by an emaciated and sceptical old fellow with a tremendous whip, while we trudged together over the sands by the side of a two-wheeled cart loaded with dripping seaweed. Then at other times other people confirmed and completed the story: till it stood at last before me, a tale formidable and simple, as they always are, those disclosures of obscure trials endured by ignorant hearts.

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