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Mong Road

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PostPosted: Mon 20:18, 02 May 2011    Post subject: Mong Road


[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

[link widoczny dla zalogowanych]

She was walking lazily, for the fierce April sun was directly overhead. Her umbrella blocked its rays but nothing blocked the heat - the sort of raw, wild heat that crushes you with its energy. A few buffalo were tethered under coconuts, browsing the parched verges. Occasionally a car went past, leaving its treads in the melting pitch like the wake of a ship at sea. Otherwise it was quiet, and she saw no-one.
In her long white Sunday dress you might have taken Ginnie Narine for fourteen or fifteen. In fact she was twelve, a happy, uncomplicated child with a nature as open as the red hibiscus that decorated her black, waist-length hair. Generations earlier her family had come to Trinidad from India as overseers on the sugar plantations. Her father had had some success through buying and clearing land around Rio Cristalino and planting it with coffee.
On the dusty verge twenty yards ahead of Ginnie a car pulled up. She had noticed it cruise by once before but she did not recognize it and could not make out the driver through its dark windows, themselves as black as its gleaming paintwork. As she walked past it, the driver's glass started to open.
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PostPosted: Mon 6:46, 23 May 2011    Post subject:

bitches about 60 days of pregnancy would produce, generally only 5-8 births. birth weight is generally between 7 kg -1 two individual more than 1 kg.
1-2 days before the puppies were born there bitches milk, and pups born to be quickly torn afterbirth, and cut the umbilical cord, using toilet paper or medical gauze to dry the puppies as much as possible, and then the dog hair dryer completely dry, and then to the female dog licking and breast-feeding. When all the puppies are born, we should put on dry mat production box to prevent the dog catch a cold.
feeding newborn puppies should be noted that several problems:
1, temperature
newborn puppies no ability to regulate body temperature, you need to create the conditions for artificial heating to the dog, such as light bulbs with electric blanket or heating, then the growth of the number of degrees it for the dog? practical experience is: If the puppy climb, and the chirp is called, it is hot, crowded together,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], if the chirp is called, is cold, lay scattered at random is just the right temperature. using electric blankets should be noted that there is no love when puppy feeding, everywhere climb,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and the humming of the call, there may be constipation, then we should artificially stimulate the bowel. using electric blanket, in the electric blanket to spread a thin layer above the pad, so as to avoid overheating.
2, breast-feeding
management of neonatal puppies, in fact, should focus on the management of the mother dog,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], because dogs can be long enough milk is good, in order not to alarm people. My approach is: with the cock and the turtle soup, when a female dog to drink water, mix the chicken and rice dog food or make their own feed with the bitch. Note that not too oily, it will not only be the big dog diarrhea, dog will be a problem. There is also a bitch should be noted that the problem is the appetite to eat more than just bitches milk, in general, bitches is bad if the calcium appetite, therefore, must give the bitch calcium.
3, anti-pressure
There is a phenomenon baffles me is the clever bitch, press and hold the puppy are indifferent, despite struggling with how how the dog bark, or even until they were crushed to death. Therefore, the general production from the bottom of the tank wall about 15 cm high with a circle around rod, the purpose is not to bitch too close to the walls of the box, leaving the dog to escape to space. Generally, if we hear any unusual sounds puppy should quickly view,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], infants should look when all the puppies are all in order to avoid being down by the.
4, disease prevention
dog's vitality is weak, weak immune system, once the sick is very difficult to handle, so prevention should be noted the following points:
a) First, bitches do immune before pregnancy, because only strong resistance bitches, and puppies can have a stronger immunity.
b) bitches before pregnancy and during pregnancy to minimize contact with the outside of the dog, in order to avoid transmission of the virus, although the incidence did not bitch, but the dog is likely to be infected after birth incidence.
c) Do not touch the outside of the dog owners to avoid the dog to the City and other places, came back to try changing his shoes or disinfection, hand disinfection before to take care of the dog. Also can not let a stranger touch and contact with puppies.
d) should pay attention to the clean production box, use absorbent pads,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and often replaced, it will not only health, will scrub the dog, the family would not have smell.
5, weaning
puppies grow to 25 days to prepare weaning can be done, because this time the milk has not developed to meet their students, and feeding time is too long, is not conducive to bitch's body recovery. A few days before weaning day, the dog food with open blisters good dog food before feeding on the mix with some milk, preferably low-fat high calcium milk powder, so both the dog and eat nutritious, daily feed a few dog food, no problem to gradually increase to 30 days when you can completely weaned. Weaning time,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], we should completely separate the bitch and puppies and the bitch should be starved for one day, so that milk back faster, but also less feeding the bitch the next few days, until the milk is not completely return to normal feeding.
6, puppy feeding
dog every day after weaning early, middle, late, late at night to feed 4 times, each time the dog eat Feeding Amount to the principle of non-diarrhea, do not worry about the excessive length and obesity, are in nature best snatch is king, no one said slow growth. With months of growth, Feeding Amount to increase, the number can be reduced to 3 months or so a day can feed 3 times. Proposed a class of crown can better feed the dog food, safe and healthy.
7, Sports
To the good long
dog, not only to feed alone, but also on sports, can not shut the cage all day, every day the opportunity to have several natural play, chase, rough, grab the most happy thing is that they and conditions can be placed in the outdoor play space, no conditions can be in the living room running, in any case, they should be given daily exercise opportunities.
8, Security
a) did not finish before the puppy can not be immune contact with the outside world, and to avoid accidents and infected with diseases.
b) home, it should be packed to avoid damage and swallowed the dog out foreign objects.
c) where wires should pay special attention to avoid electric shock.
9, de-worming and immunization
puppy can be done 30 days to the first de-worming, and I like to pet health products in Chengdu deworming tablets, effective, and cheap, foreign imports of de-worming medicine to use, never seen a bug, do not know an insect or of a drug is fake. The book says the insect time: one month, 2 months, 3 months, 6 months and 12 months old, a drive after the age of one every six months.
puppy can be done 45 days to the first immunization, because this time, there are other immune dog, only dogs and canine parvovirus immune blast low, so the two together to use seedlings, spacing 3 -4 Week 4 United seedlings do (or 5 or 6 linked together seedlings), and then do it again 3-4 weeks interval associated vaccine 4 (or 5 or 6 linked together seedlings), and then a few days interval immune to rabies can be done At this time, the puppy's immune to all done, you can go 15 days to play. 4 together once a year after the vaccine (or 5 or 6 linked together seedlings), and a rabies immunization.
doing immunization period, the dogs stay healthy and if the illness or infirmity, to be delayed immunization.
take good care of litter is not easy, they have to careful and thoughtful side, I wish you all a happy and healthy puppy can grow, but also want to have friends with the exchange of experience learning together.

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