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Black and white summer

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PostPosted: Mon 18:10, 16 May 2011    Post subject: Black and white summer

Hearts the memory of those black and white, that summer after, and perhaps most will only leave a few scattered fragments, however, I learned to understand the growth process, her those things in my memory forever. - Inscription
impression of Lin Yuyi always so quiet, gentle, with a little brow and then meditate. She has always felt like her is temperament and disposition, but it is more than optimistic about her is because occasionally see her when they get together with a group of smiling. Although a little smile with a little reluctantly, but in the end is a rare laugh.
when I first met her first year in junior high school - just graduated from primary school age, are innocent of anything, just muddle of. From first grade to junior high school grades, and her classmate four years, except that a four-year classmate of love, to this time, but also gain a friend like each other's friendship.
because I was able to pay off each week as part of the city into the C E of the middle school, I do not want to waste money from home, parents do not want to live up to expectations, so after entering the E, I bent only in the learning , and is not intended to everything around, not to mention more quiet girl like her. Therefore, most of the time after school I do not even know they have Lin Yuyi the students.
E, organizations run until the understand such a quiet, gentle girl. At that time I am not particularly obsessed with literature, just blindly believe that the members of literary group who will be the conservation of deep, where it will have a very quiet and very pleasant atmosphere. I want to learn and in a tight, can have a quiet one quiet environment - aimlessly thinking, unfettered imagination. Perhaps my
If I was one of the exceptions, and Lin Yuyi, should be considered one of the typical bar. However [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], we joined the literary group, where the atmosphere is more or less to the infection of it: I feel like I have become more dependent on the text, she smiled more.
So far, I still remember her registration form, girl, must be expressed in words the truth likes people. Perhaps from then on, I deliberately went to pay attention to that in the long hair and eyebrows slightly locked ponder double eyelids, face, quiet girl who always wears glasses. Color
normal class, me and her seat is in the same horizontal [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], but is separated from the middle of the two students. So, I can only joking when and at the same table, sometimes deliberately to her glance, and most of her time reading in the bow, and looked focused. However, group lessons in literary study, I turned at the same table with her. That is, to get along this time, so me and her classmates from the unfamiliar becomes familiar friends, to ingratiate themselves with friends!
So far, I have no idea if time was lucky, too numerous to thank literature tutor group. They let me and she became at the same table, as such, will have between me and her reason and communicate with each other platforms, will have so many shared memories.
literary group that experience, still fresh, as if everything is at hand. Group 2 is responsible for counseling literature teacher was very attentive, they order for us to put into words the heart between the courses they are divided into three types: literary theory, drama classes and performing classic analytic class. I remember the first class of literary theory class, teacher asked us to join literary groups in detail the reasons expressed using the word written on a small slip of paper and read out to the same table. Everyone has their own story, will have different reasons: Some students wrote ... Perhaps because she wrote that I read out, so I still clearly remember what she wrote - I want to get lost in a world of words. I read this sentence out, the classroom atmosphere of the original moment of solidification active, and even guidance counselor is also very surprised. Those words really hard to admit is one of only 12 year old girl to write down, but fortunately I already know the contents of the note in time to break the silence with applause, which makes the classroom to continue.
drama acting class, I have many opportunities to cooperate with her, there is a world there is always joke: Performance Keben Ju Classical Analysis class, we analyze the masterpiece counselor will make the characters: for example, Different people, different experiences, it has a different view. I said all of her is too sad, not a good ending. She said, her is the most desirable, although not married to and attracted to the person, but it has a unique and a love of their own, and never can let go of the attachment. She also said that matchmaker is only a poor servant, longing for love, but can not have love; Po Chai is just a silly child, she never failed to be poor gem of true love; and Zhaojun love carrying too much, can not be called true love. I heard her say about this, but twelve, three, because do not know true love, is never experienced and experience, it often can only nod laughed language.
in literature study group, we formed a kind of tacit understanding between - from time to time we will write the articles themselves or a simple exchange of text to the other view, always leave a little after browsing with Experiences and feelings of the text. Guidance counselor knew about the matter, in literary theory class in recognition of our strong. He also said half-jokingly, half seriously, although in the text to find a world of hard for people to understand themselves, find a trusted person more difficult, but we should not give up, perhaps by chance that person has been standing in your side, perhaps the two of them this chance! After hearing these words the teacher, other students are staring at us with envious eyes, scared I'll be turning their attention to Lin Yuyi who found her two-dimple cast a ray of bright red - the original is not just a person nervous. Prosperous and Seoul, she turned, smiled and nodded to me, I hesitated a moment, and immediately respond to giggle like a nod. Probably from that moment, we begin to truly understand each other, trust each other.
After that, we more and more frequently to exchange your writing to each other, even after the dissolution of the literary group, we still maintain this habit.
ago she wrote a lot of things behind my articles will have her left hand. Her writing elegant and profound, persistent and Shu course, with weakness and with a strong implication, revealing her nature - strong, persistent, quiet and meditate. Some words of her article in the articles and remain in my post Bearing in mind while also forget crash, including my sinking heart for the dream and strong I think: in her heart [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], must have a lot of old people can not find someone to talk to old things, so can only be released through the text to sway.
With the exchange of articles more often, and always be able to see her knock those touching words, the more I want to know her family, her friends, and even everything about her past. So, I always insinuated that her home, her friends. However, she was always a little smile and said: middle-aged men, there are women who kindly manner clearly visible to her - is a typical fatherly mother; class party that little girl beside her dependence on her - a real sisterhood ... ... for her text, her quiet, meditate, and that the pupil of the eye between the eyebrows in the indifferent, I thought: probably because she read too many books, seen too much grief from the pain do not, I even Chisha believes that her Baidu's vice up to five glasses can be
Now, I have been away from that and she spent six years with the city, think of her contact, but found that the number of dialed numbers has become empty! Then, log email, Guo Buchu I expected, really have her letter:
true friendship, what is the real friend.
remember six years ago, the first literary theory class? wanton remarks' the environment, perhaps this is it. You exchange the article; more words, I want to be best friends.
I know you are really lucky it.
just graduated from elementary school that would be heard a friend say, in one middle school and high school, everyone's heart is just learn to treasure and souvenir friendship. this period, most likely to form the most pure and most sincere friendship. and these time, you probably stay with my oldest friend it. have become accustomed to enjoying the time intervals you even when clusters of statements, habits, and you talk about each other's articles and his masterpiece, and her, used to leave me behind your words br> turned six years, I still remember the city just to the C sense of strangeness and fear, there are no friends when you first came to E, the loneliness and desolation. turned six years, have become accustomed to the sunrise and sunset the city, get used to this city ​​streets - all the habits of the city. I just thought it was the end, but to leave; I just deny their own thoughts - the pain of parting.
... ...
uncle aunt because of job transfers, I have to leave C city. do not know what can not be back here, do not know what not to each other also in the years after unusual for me to have this precious friendship!
Worrying and pupil of the eye between the eyebrows deep indifference. but I believe in her, where all the black and white color will gradually become. At that time, she will be cleared between the eyebrows Worries, and their eyes are contained deeply moving. And I, glad that they have a memory like a girl [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], glad that they are also known to have been friends with her - her life blue Yen.
moment, leaning against the balcony railing, the height of summer the line has gradually near, watching the trees swaying in the wind of summer and rock the grass, seems to conflict with the summer atmosphere in the heart kind of sense of boredom and restlessness, but also a kind of empty off the mo. However, looking far his best place, to One friend with the same gaze, the heart will be calm, but also feel warm and satisfied.

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