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Had to pay anyway , the result is still the same

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PostPosted: Mon 18:52, 11 Apr 2011    Post subject: Had to pay anyway , the result is still the same

so and so, I think I've changed a lot.

so and so [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], if you look closely, you will find [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I did not scream at you out.

so and so, I have not snooty.

so and so, I've been very hard.

so and so, friends are calling me not wronged themselves, and not deliberate compromises.

so and so, he has completely disappeared from my world, this enough?

so and so, do not change me as a matter of course.

so and so, if I'm sorry ah, this is the first time I personally admit that they will be sad.

certain people, you do not know what happened.

so and so, I knew I was causing trouble.

so and so, tell me, how can I do, we will be sad?

so and so, if I love, the result was hurt, then how can I do?

so and so, dolphins like to give Angel a hug, but the angel of the lives of so high.

so and so, if the pay is unilateral, that'll be tired.

so and so, I do not regret it [link widoczny dla zalogowanych], because I think it is worth,

a certain person, I do for you, worth it?

certain people, fish and can not have both, you really do not understand it?

certain people, love only once, your choice!

so and so, I'm not saying you have to cut off relations with her, at least you promised me in class not to talk.

certain people, but you not only talk, and it is, and she was speaking. This is her personally to tell me.

so and so, suddenly a great rain. Really good sad ah.

so and so, just because you pissed at her. She yells at you, so she agitated, so I will be her roar.

certain people, that moment, I'm really sad. But I know that there is no use.

so and so, the big rain, to represent?

so and so, I'm just a little disappointed that nothing more.

so and so, I was too stupid not to believe the so-called love.

so and so, if possible, I would like selfish, even a little bit.

so and so, yes, you do not want to let her hate you more, but me? I'm not afraid of him hate me?

so and so, I just want a fair, but love, not fair.

so and so, love, or to continue it.

so and so, even if it is not love.

(Editor: Juelian Red)

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Location: England

PostPosted: Sat 22:26, 21 May 2011    Post subject:

China's property market can only rise and not fall secret
last night, and a pawn to open the students to drink.
I asked students,
Mo forget about my heart, very suspect!

students, then I am really loud, so I was stunned. I immediately consulted widely. Thus, students to tell me something incredible, and Frightening words ...... the following, all my classmates, even though some words out, but the basic semantic clear I was relaying the.
one, buy a house without money, how to operate?
students would - you know, my pawn business entirely on the money begets money. First buy a house, although I have the ability to one-time full payment, but I do not want the house so much cash was crushed to death. At that time, is popular
for one year, also paying back the principal and interest to the. Fortunately, I do not know it? Or my bad luck! At that time, my money is a business occupies. For business, I not only do not play back the principal did not say, have another new loans. Compelling, I find the old relationship - the bank credit manager ditch dollar. When I muttered to the
credit manager give me the idea is simple: let my wife to double the price, the loan to buy my house, the loan period is one year.

who was,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], I at least give him 50,000 points. So, I am the credit manager, knowing smile ......
This is my first time buying experience.
I buy a house later experiences are similar, that is: a firm does not dig a penny, all with a bank loan to buy a house; and then,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], if you meet the truth of unknown investors (that is the investors, in fact Shamao) buy a house, then sell him. If you have not investors buy a house, then continued to increase their lending to their own house, keep the money with the bank debt of the banks.
And, I'm the pawn, and the relationship with the bank average person can not compare. Ordinary people to buy a house, most choose 20-year mortgage, but I always buy only loans for one year before maturity of the principal and interest. This operation, do not pay for months. The loan maturity, I just doing the In fact, I do not have to dig a penny.
Second, in real life there are such absurd things, a
student's words: brother! I see you people before you say these words dig pit of the stomach. How can you not believe me? How can you believe me? To speak of: you give me an example about the actual point!
students: you know how the king, pock fortune is it?
of the statement:
if students -
I'll talk about.
early days, the king, pock the abjection ah! Even he registered the company's registered capital, is my temporary lending to him. Now, do not look pock the surface of the second king of scenery,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], he took to the money from the bank loan; repair the house money, the builders 垫资. In short, he is a complete
house repaired, Wang pock in the second before the official opening, usually to hold an The internal sale, in fact, the king summoned two pock-house staff and some like me, familiar in the real estate customer (or simply are collected from the job fair, numerous, candidate of the to name these people to buy a house, all with bank loans to buy. This is the so-called Also, the transaction price reported to the bank transactions to be internal than the actual transaction price increased by 30%. Why? To buy a house down payment because the loan into two ah! For example, if you want to recover 100 million, then you have to price of 130 million bank loan. Thus, banks give you the money is: 1.3 million × 0.8 = 104 million; you actually pocket the money is: 1040000 -4 million (to the relevant bank staff the
this way, through the internal subscription before the opening, the second king of all the pockmarks in fact have been successfully recovered the investment, all the risk transferred to the bank. By this time, the king will begin advertising to sell the house two pock, and the return of
of speech: the back, how does it work?
students so -
how do you like Bena! A little smarter people can think of, followed by methods of operation, in fact, with my real estate is the same, that is: to sell him; If you have not investors buy a house, then continued to increase their lending to their own house,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], keep the money with the bank debt of the banks.
However, as has already recovered the first mortgage payment, so do not need to back operation 30% increase each and every time, just according to the original rate of increase in property prices increase on it (ie, higher every year 14%).
what? If housing prices insufficient to pay the loan interest rate how to do? Joke, when you see the property market to China that year rise in property prices lower than the loan interest?
understand it! This is the only Chinese property prices could not drop prices; and, the rate of increase in house prices below the current loan interest can not be the real reason! !
think to find it ridiculous, some scholars have actually said, In fact, the
the collapse of Shanghai Lotus Garden River as an example. Published online, the floor price of less than 604 yuan / square meters, construction cost is not to 1,300 yuan / square meter (in fact, published online construction cost is not accurate. City Court lift the quality of the total of the apartment building than it Well construction cost does not exceed 1,000 yuan / square meter) house so cheap, why do developers have to take it sold 14,000 yuan / square meter it? Sell ​​low point, make less money that can not I? The answer is not enough. The reason is simple, Only continuous increase, only the survival of the operation. Therefore, the Lotus Garden River two years ago to sell 7,000 yuan / square meter last year, selling 10,000 yuan / square meter, this must not sell 14,000 yuan / square meter. As the saying goes, This is the There is a saying points to the facts of the current property market in China, think that now the property market, housing prices clearly have far more than the actual purchasing power of ordinary people (which means the house will never sell), why the rise in house prices will continue to do? And also Why? Is here!
three very individual phenomenon, can represent the overall situation of China's property market?
students so -
old school, you are too ignorant of it. See:
Li Shubiao case: September 8, 1999 to January 15, 2004, Chenzhou City, Hunan, former director of housing provident fund management center Li Shubiao fraudulent fund loans, bank loans to a total of 44 pens, involving 120 million yuan.
Cummins Case: before and after 2000, Zhengzhou, Henan Kang Ming Ming Garden Properties Limited 414 East Suite by source, in the Industrial and Commercial Bank,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], Bank of Communications, China Construction Bank, China Merchants Bank to repeat a total of more than 690 sets of mortgage loans, cash in bank funds at least 2 billion. Yao Kangda case: From 2002 to first half of 2003, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China branch in Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone to the the case of false mortgage
Hao Sen: From mid-1997 to the first half of 2002, arrived in Beijing China to Sen Hao Real Estate Development Company apartments, so under the guise of Lee Garden, take off the way the mortgage to the Bank of Beijing Branch, Bank of Beijing Zhongguancun Branch, Bank of Beijing Exhibition Road Branch 骗贷 three banks a total of 1.62 billion. (See In 2002, the Audit Commission checks Construction Bank branch in Guangzhou eight housing mortgage loans, found that 10 billion of false mortgage. Only a Shanwei City, Guangdong Public Security Bureau deputy director of one person, that is fraud CCB branch mortgage loans in Fangcun 37.93 million yuan. Hu Ping Qu
case: In 2006, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank has been lending in Lujiazui branch, found that 126 million existing mortgage loans secured personal property is not real, loan agent, And the song was later found up to 91 mortgage-related, involving an amount of 4 billion. Bank commissioned the housing agency had sold a mortgage, to recover problem loans.
with the Thai case: In 2006, Thailand Beijing real estate company with 87 suspected of using fake owners 签购房合同, 骗贷 67 million yuan from the bank. Chengdu fictitious real estate Piandai case: 2005 to 2008, the suspect collusion Tangmou Chengdu Housing Authority staff for a fictitious real estate the way real estate license to 骗贷. Has been involved in real estate license has been found in more than a hundred sets, involving an amount of two thousand million! But the situation still further development.
addition, this year the precise requirements of the CBRC repeated orders, However, the 4 trillion of funds into the property market ......
still old school, you think, why so many such things happen it? Why is the country's banks knew that they leave the mortgage money to lend to property developers have to take it? Is the bank officials are a fool?
In fact, the bank's officials are not stupid.
reason is that bank's internal staff is working hand in glove with the developer's associates. Involved in the operation of some of the bank's internal staff is the hope that buyers will not pay the loan interest for the bank to make money, and frankly, they are involved in dividing the spoils - they steal the ill-gotten gains together with the developer will transfer risk to the National Bank,[link widoczny dla zalogowanych], and pay the real buyers. Once the real buyers can not buy this huge bill, bank on the crisis. At this time, people across the country is paying, the state must recapitalize banks, eliminate bad debt. Countries where the money come from? Print money! What were the results? Inflation, rising prices, hundreds of old money is worthless, or that the people's money robbed, robbed by whom? Plugging snatched by the state, the blocking of certain developers and banks out of big hole borers. The hole is so large, blocking is an ugly scar, and pain will always be people.
So I would say - the real estate industry has become a relevant units, the relevant departments to unite divided countries, the money (in fact, ordinary people's deposits) of the props.
what the big deal illegal? Bank officials are not afraid ah! As long as the surface of the paper formalities complete, I have no responsibility. Even if the mortgage is false, what is the relationship? Moreover, the background state banks, is also not afraid of losing some, anyway, Bank officials are now made money on the line. As for the bank after the point of death, there are countries to manage natural Moreover, bank officials that is the next thing. No wonder the Bank of China's bad debt rate of 40% or more actually! Originally, in China, the biggest corruption in the bank! !
Fourth, if it is a common phenomenon, why do not developers have been repossession?
students so -
for many reasons, a simple: 1, you do not care about the real estate industry news. Such as No violence.
cover how to do the work? Very simple - as long as a recent debt, developers will be and the the hands of the developers). This operation, the developer will never be repossession.
Although this operation, housing prices will continue to rise, and soon much more than the actual affordability of ordinary people (which means the house will always sell.) However, this operation, if the only kind of program from the official point of view, only the formalities of view from the surface of the paper, then it is always legal. This is the bank officials to developers who dare to cover for the reason - because the current banking system, as long as the surface of the paper formalities complete, the bank's officials, there is no responsibility.

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